Paper Status


Final Selected Papers


Id Paper Title Final Status
9 Wired and Worried: Understanding Users’ Emotions while Web Searching for Health Information Short Paper
16 Freehand pointing for Collaborative Interaction: Effects of User’s Position Relative to Display on User’s Mapping Preference and Performance Short Paper
17 Singer Identification Using Harmonic Spectral Envelope by Extracting Pitch of Singing Voice Short Paper
22 BCI augmented HCI for people with limited mobility using an affordable EEG device Short Paper
35 QuickType: Text Input Technique on Smartwatches Short Paper
39 Vision Based Manipulation of a Regular Shaped Object Short Paper
41 Trajectory path planning of EEG controlled robotic arm using GA Short Paper
43 Socially acceptable behaviour for robots approaching humans using an adaptable personal space Long Paper
47 Initial implementation of natural language turn-based dialog system Long Paper
55 Optimal Spatio-Spectral Variable Size Subbands Filter For Motor Imagery Brain Computer Interface Long Paper
82 Single channel speech enhancement: using Wiener filtering with recursive noise estimation Short Paper
87 Usability study for GLCC – a Specialised Desktop Environment for Cognitively Challenged Long Paper
89 A Computational Model to Predict Aesthetic Quality of Text Elements of GUI Long paper
91 Bispectral Analysis of EEG for Emotion Recognition Short Paper
94 Digitally Transparent Interface using Eye Tracking Long Paper
95 Recognition of Hidden Emotion from Voice Short Paper
96 Phrase and Idiom Identification in Assamese Short Paper
97 Analysis of Human Kinetics using Millimeter-wave Micro-Doppler Radar Short Paper
106 cBDI-based Collaborative Control for a Robotic Wheelchair Short Paper
112 A Framework for Measurement of Cognitive Load in HCI Using EEG Power Spectrum Analysis Short Paper
119 Playing Action Video Games a Key to Cognitive Enhancement Short Paper
123 Using Hall Effect Sensors for 3D space Text Entry on Smartwatches Long Paper
125 Intent Recognition in a Generalized Framework for Collaboration Short Paper
130 Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis for Movies using Review Filtering Long Paper
132 Hand Drawn Optical Circuit Recognition Long Paper
144 Mathematical Representations of Blended Facial Expressions towards Facial Expression Modeling Short Paper
146 An Approach for Automatic Pain Detection through Facial Expression Long Paper
148 Avabodhaka: A System to analyse and facilitate Interactive Learning in an ICT based system for Large Classroom Long Paper
154 Affective modelling of users in HCI using EEG Short Paper
162 An Ontology Based Framework for Retrieval of Museum Artifacts Short Paper
166 A framework to plot and recognize hand motion trajectories towards development of non-tactile interfaces Long Paper


S01 Multiple Feature Extraction of Electroencephalograph Signal for Motor Imagery Classification through Bispectral Analysis Accept
S02 Linearity abstractions in Scene perception: Evaluating EEMD for maximizing task-related information in Event Related Potentials Accept
S04 Consolidation of Concepts in the Visually Challenged and the Sighted Individuals with Special Reference to Onomatopoeic Words Accept
S05 Perception Based Decision Support System for Handwriting Behaviour Analysis Accept

Honorary General Chair
Mriganka Sur, (MIT, USA)

Program Chair
Somenath Biswas, (IIIT Allahabad, India)
Uma Shanker Tiwary (IIIT Allahabad, India)

Steering Committee
Keith Cheverst (Lancaster Univ., UK)
Ramesh Jain (UCI, USA)
Patrick Horain (Telecom SudParis, France)
Malik Mallem (E. V d’Essonne Uni., France)
Jaroslav Pokorný (Charles Univ., Czech Republic)
Debasis Samanta (IIT Kharagpur, India)
Tanveer Siddiqui (Univ. of Allahabad, India)
Yong Hoon Kim (GIST, South Korea)
Ling Guan (Ryerson Univ., Canada)
Tom D. Gedeon (The Australian National University, Australia)

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